DAODAO is ready to conquer the social media arena

Launched in May 2022, DAODAO is a Web3 social platform aiming to simplify the process of creating a DAO. The platform, which is meant to be for all, is led by the crypto veteran Nades Al-Naji and places itself at the forefront of the recent decentralized social (DeSo) trend.

But it has a peculiarity that needs to be taken into account. DAODAO is a DAO itself, meaning it is governed and owned by its users. Unlikely other traditional social media, its users actually own their content: through DAODAO they are able to launch their very own DAO and – as claimed by the platform founder –, “fund their next big idea in just a few clicks. That’s why DAODAO will have the same impact on DAOs that Coinbase had on tokens and OpenSea had on NFTs”.

How? You can make yourself an idea by taking a look at the main features of this open ecosystem:

  • Easy set up;
  • Entirely stored on the DeSo blockchain;
  • 100% Gas-fees free;
  • Multy-currency contributions;
  • Instant Tokenization & Trading
  • Flexible foundraising;
  • Built-in referral programs;
  • One-Click Refunds & Airdrops.

DAODAO stands our as an incredible opportunity to disrupt and decentralize investing by making it an extremely easy process and it could possibly represent the first real attack of cryptos on the traditional social media space.

Are we looking at the rise of the next main player in the social media arena? Only time will tell. 

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