Ethereum’s Spot ETF Deserves to be Spotlighted


In January 2024, the approval of spot ETFs on Bitcoin by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) served as a forerunner for cryptocurrency ETFs.

This decision has allowed investors to access Bitcoin in a simple and regulated manner, resulting in very positive outcomes both in terms of ETF sales and the value of Bitcoin. Naturally, it could act as a springboard for Ethereum, which is the second-largest digital currency by value, to receive SEC approval for ETFs that track its performance. Several companies, including WisdomTree, VanEck, and Invesco, have requested SEC approval for these EFTs.

Uncertain outcome timing

Ethereum Market Cap ~ Time frame: 1 month

The news of a relatively imminent authorization for the release of spot ETFs on Ethereum has had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s value, resulting in approximately a 25% growth in the last 30 days. This increase was also fueled by confirmations from experts of news agencies, such as James Seyffart of Bloomberg, who even set the date of May 23rd as the day when the SEC will make a decision regarding requests submitted by BlackRock, VanEck, and other major players in the financial sector.

Additionally, for Alliance Bernstein, the introduction of spot ETFs on Ethereum is no longer a distant vision, and there is a positive 50% probability that it will happen within the first half of the year. They are certain that it will occur before 2025, so it’s no longer about “if” but rather “when.” Instead, the investment bank TD Cowen is less optimistic about the proximity of approval, suggesting a possible delay of one or two years due to political reasons.

In any case, the SEC’s previous concerns about releasing ETFs with cryptocurrency underlyings due to the risk of price manipulation have become less credible after the authorization of iShares Bitcoin Trust by BlackRock and the approval of 10 other spot ETFs on Bitcoin. Now, it’s truly just a matter of time for Ethereum, but the horizon is not that far.

Effect on financial market

Owners of an Ether wallet and potential investors in ETH ETFs are eagerly anticipating a surge in Ethereum’s value once the announcement is made and ETFs are subsequently launched. However, contrary to what might seem to happen based on Ethereum’s value increase, there may not be an explosive growth once authorization for ETH ETFs is released. While it’s likely that the value will rise, it’s not guaranteed to replicate the surge seen with Bitcoin.

Moreover, this may not be the most impactful aspect: first of all, this will be a second confirmation regarding the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s stance on cryptocurrency spot ETFs, consequently, more and more financial products of this kind could be authorized.

And aside from that, it could be a true turning point due to the flexibility of Ethereum,increasing freedom in tokenizing financial assets. It marks the beginning of a potential financial revolution that could eventually lead to registering all financial assets on more transparent and secure systems, contributing to the struggle against corruption.


So, the introduction of Ethereum spot ETFs could have a significant impact on the price and perception of Ethereum in the cryptocurrency market. The approval of an ETF on Ethereum could be the long-awaited breakthrough that reignites interest and propels Ethereum forward in the cryptocurrency market.

Additionally, the listing of a spot ETF would certify Ethereum’s maturity and stability, solidifying its status as a legitimate financial asset. This would also have a chain effect on the credibility and overall acceptance of cryptocurrencies, further stimulating interest from traditional investors. While some analyses remain cautious, the overall outlook appears favorable, and we may son witness a new chapter in Ethereum’s financial evolution.

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